An application for tourists who want to know about south islands of Iran, Capable of work as an online tour guide for backpackers and help Cruising Sothern Islands

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Property Management
  Robo Charge

With this application the owners are able to manage their properties' affairs such as monitoring the expenses, communicating with tenants, collecting money and sharing relevant information.

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Human Resource Management
  GPS Watch

A wearable device to track and manage employees and care of child and elderlies.

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Wi-fi City
  Railways Free Wi-fi Access

A platform which allows people to use free wi-fi services during their trips.

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Electronic Payment

An electronic receipt, generating by software, capable to save and manage related information.

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Mobile Value Added Services

A mobile vas product for MNOs to manage calls and message.

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Virtual Education

An online teacher for musical instrument. This platform teaches the students who want to learn musical instrument and will interact with them to improve their skills.

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